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Hello TCA folks!

Thank you for taking the time to see our session and get the handouts! If you'd like to learn more about Choice Theory, you can continue to check back here.

I will be including tips and techniques in my newsletter and I will begin offering courses where you can earn CEUs next year. 

Here are the links to the slideshow and handouts:

  • Slideshow: Choice Theory: Bridging the Ever-Widening Gap between Meeting Student and School Needs

  • Handout: What is Choice Theory

  • Handout: Ten Axioms of Choice Theory

  • Handout: The Quality World

  • Handout: 7 Deadly & Caring Habits

  • Handout: Is This Helping? (WDEP Process)

  • Handout: Teacher Guide

  • Handout: Parent Handout

I would love to get some feedback from you!

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