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About Us

Kelly P Crossing, MEd, LPC, MS

I am a counselor because I know firsthand how much difference a good counselor can make in our lives. When I went through a serious depression many years ago, I reluctantly sought the help of a counselor . . . and she truly saved me.

She showed me that

  • I could be happy again,

  • I had a meaningful purpose in life, and

  • I could do something to change what seemed like an impossible situation. 

Once I got healthy, I knew my purpose was to help others like she had helped me. Too many people spend too much time in sadness and isolation. There has to be a better way!

With professional roots in education working with students as a teacher, then with students and their families as a school counselor, and finally as a licensed professional counselor in private practice, I have a passion for helping others work through difficult times. I have devoted most of my life to this effort.

My Foundational Beliefs

  • As humans, we all need to feel connected to others in some way. Making healthy connections is one key to happiness & peace.

  • We all make choices every day based on our needs. These choices determine our level of happiness in ourselves, in others, in life.                                             See the profound works of William Glasser,                               M.D for more information on Choice Theory

  • We often have to understand "where we came from" to be able to change "where we are" in life. 

My Counseling Perspective

Having studied many theories of counseling and development while attending school in the nationally-recognized University of North Texas Counseling program, I have found that in practice I often take a little from each of them. After all, every client is different and a "one size fits all" approach never seemed to work.

I work hard to "meet you where you are"--emotionally speaking, of course!--and utilize a variety of established theories, methods, and therapeutic techniques to help you find the happiness and peace you are seeking.

Kelly and Allison are both a Licensed Professional Counselors, certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Click here to verify their credentials.

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