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It's all about our connections with others . . .

The connections we have with others represent the foundation for a life of happiness and peace . . . even during the rough times. If we have strong connections and trust the people around us, we can weather any storm. If we are not connected with others, life can seem unbearable.

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to all new clients--just to see if counseling with me might be right for you. Email or call me today to schedule yours!

Other Free Stuff

  • Check out my new blogsite, Life FAQ's for answers to some of life's frequently asked questions. Click here and post a question. I'll try to help!

  • Click on the free articles, fliers, and other resources below to help you establish, or re-establish connections in your life. 

Are you having trouble connecting with your teen?

Is he angry all the time?

Does she refuse to speak to you?

Do you even know her anymore?

Check out these free guides to making strong connections . . .

  • Great lessons for every parent

  • 7 Deadly Habits for any relationship . . . and what to do instead!

I add new stuff here frequently, so be sure to check back often!

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