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School Counselors Rock!

Having been a teacher and school counselor for many years, they both hold a special place in my heart. And I know as well as any of you that school counselors have an increasingly difficult role during these difficult economic times.

With many new administrative duties on your plates, whether you are an elementary counselor or in the secondary environment (I have been in both), actually working with kids is sadly becoming less common.

Because of that, I would like to share some best practices. I will be posting articles, handouts, etc. just for school counselors here. These are things I have done, written about, and even spoken about at times. Please feel free to take any of these ideas and use them in your schools. 

So check it out . . .

Please give me some feedback about what worked and what didn't with this article. You can tell me what you think here

I would also love to hear (and share) some of your ideas, too! If you want to share your success stories, send me an email. 

Article: Can you connect with kids and help them in just 10 Minutes?

Check out this article about how to connect with kids and help them using Glasser's Choice Theory.

For a link to graphic in article, click here.

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