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Let me help you through this difficult time . . .

Experienced in working with couples and families going through divorce and trained in Collaborative Law, I can help you and your family through this difficult process.

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What is Collaborative Law?

While it is not what anyone hopes for, some couples will find that divorce is a necessary next step. But is the emotional and financial strain necessary, too? Is there a way couples and families can go through the divorce process and minimize the emotional and financial strain?

The answer is: Yes. Divorce does not have to be destructive. Families can choose a more family-friendly, financially-friendly and less-destructive method of divorcing. In Texas, this option is called Collaborative Law.

Rather than both sides gearing up for a fight, in Collaborative Law both sides come together with the help of appropriate subject-area experts and work through the issues and decisions in a team, or collaborative, environment.

So How Does it Work?*

Collaborative Law is a solution-oriented alternative to traditional divorce. Instead of focusing on assessing blame for problems, the parties and the professionals focus on finding solutions to problems that best fit the competing and shared needs and interests of the parties and their children.

The collaborative process is for couples who want a civilized, respectful end to their marriage for the sake of all family members.

If the following things are important to you, Collaborative Law could be the best process for you:

  • You have control over your own divorce process and outcome.

  • You seek a civil, respectful, creative and individual process for ending your marriage.

  • You recognize the importance of future relationships--even after divorce.

  • You believe it is important to protect your children from the harm litigation can inflict.

  • You place a high value on personal responsibility for handling conflict with integrity.

*Taken from the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas website. 

The Team

  • Attorneys. Each spouse retains an attorney specially trained in Collaborative Law. The attorneys work together in a collaborative approach toward the best solutions for the family as a whole.

  • "Mental Health Professional"or MHP. Often called a Communication Coach, one MHP trained in Collaborative Law typically works with the team to facilitate communication and meetings, to assess the family's emotional needs, including the children, and to develop an effective Parenting Agreement to follow.

  • Financial Planner or FP. One FP typically works with the team to help the couple traverse the difficulties of separating the financial assets and debts.

  • Plus other experts as necessary

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